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Are you looking for the following in your instructor/trainer/coach:





  • Qualifications, Safeguarding, First Aid and Insurance - I have all these as a BHS qualified Professional Coach and a British Dressage Recognised Coach.


  • Experience - I have over 50 years experience with horses, 30+ years of studying and practising dressage and 20+ years of teaching.


  • Competition Record - I have trained and competed at all levels up to and including Grand Prix.


  • Understand Competing - I am a List 3 British Dressage Judge and a current competitor.


  • Ability to Teach - I am qualified and experienced and enjoy teaching all levels from total beginners to advanced dressage riders.  I have many satisfied clients.


Qualified, Insured, Experienced, List 3 British Dressage Judge,

Group 2 Rider and Recognised Coach



Welcome to my website.


I hope you will find the information here useful, but please feel free to contact me by text (07974 900892) or email ( if you have any questions, or to book a lesson. 


Good riding is about good balance and communication, and it is my aim to help you find out how to improve these aspects, in order to gain more enjoyment from your relationship with your horse.


My lessons are tailored to you and your horse, with the focus on correct communication of the aids together with the application of relevant exercises.


I can help all levels of rider, and you don’t need to be aiming for the top.  You may simply want a bit of help to improve your riding, you may wish to dip your toe into the world of dressage, or you may be wanting to move up the dressage ladder.  Wherever you find yourself, if you are looking for some help from an experienced, knowledgeable, qualified and approachable instructor/trainer, then I can help you.


Dressage, Flatwork, Nervous Riders....

A horse that understands its boundaries and its rider's requirements is a happy horse, and a happy horse is

a much nicer horse to ride.




Freelance Horse Riding Instructor and Dressage Trainer for Dressage Lessons and Riding Lessons

in and around Rugby, Warwickshire and the Midlands

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