Frequently Asked Questions...


How much do you charge?

I charge £40 for an hour and, assuming you are within a 10 mile radius of my home in Rugby, this includes travel.


Any additional miles are charged at 45p per mile x 2 (i.e. for the return trip) and I may also need to charge extra for travel time. However, travel charges are negotiable if more than one person wants a lesson on the same day.


Why should I have lessons with you?

Because I can offer you a wealth of experience gained over the years, I am qualified and insured, and it is very important to me that my clients get something out of their lessons.  I am not just there to take your money!


What will you do for me that others don't?

My USP (although not entirely unique!) is that I will come to your yard and you don't need to travel to me.  This enables you to have lessons with a Grand Prix level rider without having the expense and bother of travelling your horse.


How do I know you are the right trainer/instructor for me?

You don't - until you give me a try.  I am very happy to come for one-off lessons.  Please don't feel you have to commit to a long term relationship.  I can help you in one session only, if this is what you require.


What if I don't have an arena to ride in?

As long as you have a flat-ish area of grass (preferably fenced in, but not essential), I can provide markers and letters and we can create an "arena".

Alternatively, I can hire a local 20m x 60m indoor school for a fee.


I've never done dressage before and I don't think I'd be good enough.

Anybody can do dressage!  On any horse!  Dressage is just flatwork with more emphasis on harmony between horse and rider.  The higher levels may be hard to reach, but basic dressage is open to everybody to have a go.


Are you going to confuse me with jargon, or make me feel inadequate?

No!  My aim is to help people to improve their riding and get more enjoyment out of their horses; I certainly do not want my clients to feel bad about themselves.  Lessons should be constructive and enjoyable.  I want my clients to understand how to improve so I try to be as clear and jargon-free as possible.


I'm actually quite good at dressage, so how are you going to help me?

We all benefit from "eyes on the ground", and having a new pair of eyes can sometimes be inspirational and help the rider to understand things from a different perspective.



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Charles de Kunffy

Quote of the week:

"Any performance can be improved by a more obedient horse who is not only willing but also capable of using himself correctly."

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