How Can I Help You?


As an experienced competitor, qualified instructor and a British Dressage Judge, I am able to cater for all levels.


Whether you just need "eyes on the ground", a judge's viewpoint or direction in order to progress, I can help you.


I have a vast experience of a variety of different types of horses and riders gained over the years and can help you to get the best out of your partnership with your horse.


In addition to standard lessons, I am delighted to offer Test Training sessions for all levels, from Intro (Walk-Trot) up to Advanced Medium.


This is an enjoyable and educational way to improve your dressage technique and give you more confidence at competitions.


These sessions include an initial ride though of the test, advice and exercises to improve on areas of weakness, work on specific movements, then finishing with a final ride through of a - (usually) - greatly improved test!


I can also video your test and upload to Facebook and/or YouTube, if required. 


I have arena letters and cones in order to set up the arena, if needed.


Contact Me

Lise Roberts Dressage  

Rugby, Warwickshire
CV22 7RR


Tel:  07974 900892


Charles de Kunffy

Quote of the week:

"Any performance can be improved by a more obedient horse who is not only willing but also capable of using himself correctly."

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