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Dressage is both an art and a sport, which is what makes it both so challenging and so rewarding.


It is my passion, and my goal is to help riders improve their performance and their scores.  I have competed successfully up through all the levels from Intro to Grand Prix and this experience is invaluable in helping to advise my clients on their own dressage journeys.


With over 30 years of specific dressage training, over 50 years of general riding experience, 16 years of teaching with qualifications and around 9 years as a British Dressage judge, I can offer you whatever help you need in the art and sport of dressage.


Dressage lessons will be tailored to your experience; if you have never done any dressage at all, I will teach you the Basics.  If you are more established and experienced, we will look at any issues or stumbling blocks and work on exercises to help to straighten, supple and strengthen your horse and improve your communication.


In addition to standard lessons, I am delighted to offer Test Training Sessions for all levels, from Intro (Walk-Trot) upwards.


This is an enjoyable and educational way to improve your dressage technique and give you more confidence at competitions.


These sessions include an initial ride though of the test, advice and exercises to improve on areas of weakness, work on specific movements, then finishing with a final ride through of a - (usually) - greatly improved test!


My clients include affiliated dressage riders who have achieved Regional championship qualifications, riders looking to progress up the ladder, riders that would like to improve their basic dressage, and riders with no experience of dressage whatsoever.  All levels of riders are very welcome.





Freelance Horse Riding Instructor and Dressage Trainer for Dressage Lessons and Riding Lessons in and around Rugby, 

Warwickshire and the Midlands

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Inspirational Quote:

"We must always remember that we cannot expect unquestioning compliance to our orders if a horse does not understand what it is meant to do"

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