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General Riding/Flatwork Lessons

The key to a successful partnership is Communication.  This is all about the aids and how they are applied, to enable your horse to understand what you want from it.


A horse that understands its boundaries and its rider's requirements

is a happy horse, and a happy horse is a much nicer horse to ride.



Over the years, I have ridden and trained many different types of horses, including ponies, cobs, ex-racehorses and warmbloods and I have worked with hundreds of horse/rider combinations, ranging from fat, hairy ponies in muddy fields through to established Medium level competitors.


This means that I can relate to most of your issues and challenges, regardless of the type of rider that you are or the horse that you have.


I am happy to teach general flatwork, including basic pole work.  This would comprise attention to the rider’s position, correct application of the aids, and useful exercises to achieve the end goal of a happy and obedient horse, and a harmonious partnership.


Freelance Horse Riding Instructor and Dressage Trainer for Dressage Lessons and Riding Lessons in and around Rugby, 

Warwickshire and the Midlands

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Lise Roberts Dressage  

Rugby, Warwickshire
CV22 7RR


Tel:  07974 900892


Ulrick Schramm

Inspirational Quote:

"We must always remember that we cannot expect unquestioning compliance to our orders if a horse does not understand what it is meant to do"

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