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Over the years, I have taught many different types of riders - total beginners, both child and adult; nervous adults; groups of school children; pony club camp; riders just starting dressage; and riders well established and confident but needing "eyes on the ground" and inspiration.  I have also helped riders to achieve competition success up to Regional level.


If you are looking for someone who is friendly and approchable, knowledgeable, qualified and experienced, and who is happy to give you their total attention during your lesson, then I can help you.


I have longstanding relationships with some of my clients, some of whom have weekly lessons.  Others choose to have much more infrequent lessons, as and when they feel they need a bit of help.


Please see Testimonials for some positive feedback.


Freelance Horse Riding Instructor and Dressage Trainer for Dressage Lessons and Riding Lessons in and around Rugby, 

Warwickshire and the Midlands

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Lise Roberts Dressage  

Rugby, Warwickshire
CV22 7RR


Tel:  07974 900892


Ulrick Schramm

Inspirational Quote:

"We must always remember that we cannot expect unquestioning compliance to our orders if a horse does not understand what it is meant to do"

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