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Below are some testimonials from a few of my clients. To see more comments, plus video footage, please visit my Lise Roberts Dressage Facebook page.


If you are, or have been, one of my clients and would like to add a testimonial, please feel free to add your comments below.  Thank you. :-) 




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  • PENNY SMITH-FOWLER (Sunday, February 10 19 11:32 pm GMT)

    I cannot recommend Lise highly enough. I have had ONLY 1 lesson and I have learnt more in that hour than many hours with lots of other trainers. I felt so comfortable and at ease. As a novice I was concerned I would not fully understand Lise`s instructions as she is such a fantastic highly skilled dressage rider but she made everything so easy and clear. At last I feel I am getting my newly broken young mare on the bit, understanding how to do this and how to use half-halts which have been a mystery to me when and how until now !. Lise is so knowledgeable I feel completely confident I am going to improve massively with her help. Many Thanks Lise, can NOT wait for our next lesson !

  • claire green (Sunday, January 22 17 08:00 pm GMT)

    Lise has worked wonders on my horse who can be very sensitive and difficult at times,lise listened to the issues I had and he is like a different horse now and very happy in his work





Since having lessons with Lise, my horse has come on leaps and bounds. As a result of my lessons he is a joy to ride and not only has his dressage improved, but so has his show jumping and his behaviour while hacking. Would highly recommend Lise to any level of rider.


Jennifer Morrisen:


Claude and I have been having lessons with Lise since arriving at Onley Fields. Lise also rides Claude for me. She has produced him like a young horse to Elementary level where he is now.


I should also say Claude is a 22 year old ex-racehorse with lots of thoroughbred attitude and she manages him beautifully. Lise has now given me a horse who is so much easier for me to ride, his understanding of the aides is
amazing. Only this week we had a fabulous lesson, I still cannot believe how far my Boy has come.


This is all down to you Lise Thank You so much for all your hard work with us both. xxxxxx

Clare Downer, Brinklow:


Good friends of mine on my current yard highly recommended Lise for lessons and help with my horse Woody.  They had seen Lise train and break a small highland horse to compete in dressage.


I currently own a horse that for his age was very green and I didn’t feel I had the know how to bring him on by myself so I was looking for someone who could ride him a little for me and then for me to get on so that I could have the correct feel of how things should be so it wasn’t the blind leading the blind.


Calling Lise could have been the best decision I could have made in time we have spend together we have moved away from walk trot tests and I am now competing in prelims with a goal of  entering a Novice test at the end of the summer.


Lise has a great empathy with horses and has the ability to recognise when a horse is trying and when she needs to make things clearer for them so they never get confused this for my horse has been the formula that’s made him want to try harder to please and is much more relaxed when we try to teach him new things. 

Lise has never put me under any pressure and I always feel calm and confident when I am around her.  She manages to push me out of my comfort zone without being intimidating and shouting at me.  As a nervous rider that has improved my confidence.


Lise has now gone from someone that was recommended to me by friends to someone I would now recommend!!



Louise Oxlade, Rugby:


I have been having lessons with Lise now for over a year, and have learned so much from her. She is friendly and encouraging and is always interested in our progress.


Lise is always positive and constructive and communicates her observations and corrections effectively and concisely – which means I remember them! She is also very quick to notice and advise when my horse is finding something hard.


Lise tailors each session to how my horse is behaving on the day and therefore I have learned to adapt my riding and work her according to how she feels each time. This has really helped us to progress well and consequently our dressage scores and results have improved.

I would recommend Lise to anyone who wants to better their riding, progress and have fun with their horse. Her lessons inspire me to ride most days at the crack of dawn because putting it all into practice regularly is really paying off with my horse.   



Annie Straw, Somerset:


While I was living in Rugby Lise gave me lessons on my own horse.  He is a much better horse than I am rider however, Lise gave me confidence to move forward and explained things as we went along.  She explained to me how to ask my horse to do certain moves and to get the most out of him.


Lise taught me for approximately 18 months.  We had to move to the South West which is why she cannot continue to teach me.  Lise is one of the best teachers I have ever had.  She moves you on at your pace and although pushes you does this in an instructive and gentle manner.  Lise taught me both flat work and show jumping.


I am still in touch with Lise and watch her progress and if I ever need advice I email or phone her and she is always helpful.



David Eadon, Barby:


Upon my retirement, I decided I wanted to learn to ride my daughter's horse. Lise taught me as an absolute beginner. She was patient and skillful. She taught me everything from tacking up to walk, trot and canter, jumping and basic dressage.

Lise is always patient and lovely, and always makes you feel comfortable and able.



Olivia Posser, Dunchurch:


I first contacted Lise when she was highly recommended to me by other riders on the yard who reassured me that as well as being a fantastic teacher she was very good with nervous riders, which is most definitely what I was. I had just bought my first horse, at the time a 5/6 year old cob who had not done much in terms of schooling and I knew both of us needed serious help (me especially) in order for us to work together. If it had not been for Lise’s consistent hard work and help I can honestly say my horse would not be the superstar he is now and I would be far too nervous to ride him at all.


Lise initially taught me the basics - the correct way to tack him up, various aspects of groundwork such as teaching Merlin to respect my space i.e. moving to the left/right away from me and backing up and general groundwork manners which was crucial. She would explain as many times as I needed and was always extremely patient and calm.


When it came to riding, Lise taught me step by step and went at a pace which suited me as an individual and I felt calm and in control during her sessions. She is always very positive, constructive and extremely attentive. Due to this I have never felt pressured or embarrassed in front of Lise as I have with other instructors and find myself able to talk to her about any concern or aspect about my horse which makes me nervous, no matter how silly or trivial and she is always able to resolve it.


Lise has really gone the extra mile for myself and Merlin. She is always happy to ride him at the beginning of the session and this schooling has been absolutely invaluable as it is something  which at my novice level I am not able to do.


Thanks to Lise Merlin has become a good natured, sensible and happy horse who is turning into a pleasure to ride. Without her help things would have been very different and I definitely cannot express my thanks enough! 


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