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Below are some photos of me.  To see photos of some of my clients, please click on the link above.



Please click on the link below for my YouTube channel which includes an entertaining video showing the progress that I have made with my own horse, bringing him on from a just backed 3 year old to competing at Grand Prix.  There are also some videos of some of my clients.  


Please contact me if you would like help to improve your own dressage performance.



To see more videos of me and some of my clients, please visit my Lise Roberts Dressage Facebook page.



Contact Me

Lise Roberts Dressage  

Rugby, Warwickshire
CV22 7RR


Tel:  07974 900892


Charles de Kunffy

Quote of the week:

"Any performance can be improved by a more obedient horse who is not only willing but also capable of using himself correctly."

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