Who Am I?

I am an experienced British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach and Freelance Riding Instructor, who is also a British Dressage Registered Trainer, a Grand Prix level rider and a Listed Judge.  I am eligible to work internationally as being part of the APC gives me international recognition and insurance cover worldwide.


However, I am very happy to teach much closer to home and will come to you, at your yard, to teach you on your horse.  If you do not have a yard, I can hire a local arena, the cost of which will be added to my lesson fee.


My lesson fee is extremely reasonable (see FAQ), and this is because I don't believe that dressage should only be accessible to those with money.  If lessons are reasonably priced, this enables riders to afford to train more regularly, which is obviously more beneficial.


My aim is to enable my clients to function as well without me as they do when I'm there helping them.  We all want to get the most out of our horses, and sometimes all that's needed is just a bit of help and guidance.


I will not make you feel inadequate, and I will not bombard you with jargon.  I want all my clients to feel they are making progress, and to enjoy the journey.


Please contact me for any further information that you need.

Contact Me

Lise Roberts Dressage  

Rugby, Warwickshire
CV22 7RR


Tel:  07974 900892

E-mail: lise-roberts@virginmedia.com

Charles de Kunffy

Quote of the week:

"Any performance can be improved by a more obedient horse who is not only willing but also capable of using himself correctly."

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